Alpha Program

program pricing: $1,500 + Training Add on + $300


Nutrition is an essential element of life, but it’s not always the easiest concept to understand. Between fad diets and condemnation of carbs, how do we know what to follow? So much information out there can make everything even more confusing.

On top of all that, once we do learn how we should eat, how do we actually stick to the plan we create?

Our brains make up to 35,000 decisions daily, no surprise we feel so tired by the end of the day. Luckily for us, not all those decisions are conscious. The brain makes automatic decisions called habits!

So what if good nutrition was as easy as brushing your teeth? Well, it can be!


In this program, you will learn everything you need to know about macro nutrients, micronutrients, nutrition, and body composition. You will get an in-depth look at how your diet impacts your body and how you can form a plan that fits your needs. This is a program tailored to you.

But we will also go beyond nutrition and show you some simple ways to create new micro-habits that lead to lifelong habits that lead to behavior change. An effective way to make good nutrition automatic.

Our 12 Week Alpha Program

Tailored Macros: your macros will be calculated for you based on your goals and the data we intake from DXA scan & RMR test.

Nutrition & Behavior Coaching: you will have a 60-minute coaching session once a month that will dive into nutrition and behavior education.

Meal Guidelines: you will receive two meal guidelines per month to help you learn how to count and eat within your macros to reach your goals.

Diagnostics: in order to create SMART goals we must base them on real data. You will receive three DXA scans, one resting metabolic rate test, and one VO2 test during the program.


Add-on our training education given by exercise master Sayuri Amaya & strength and conditioning coach Jon Hallock.

Tailored Training Guideline: your movement guideline will be tailored to your goals using data from your Vo2 test.

1-on-1 session: you will receive three one-on-one online training sessions to assess form and work on movements.

Training Coaching: you will have a 45-minute coaching session each month to answer any questions and discuss progress.




Once you have purchased the program we will quickly begin the on-boarding process.

Questionnaire & Assessment: You will receive a questionnaire from Nutrium via email as well as a Google assessment form.

Diagnostics: We recommend that as soon as you purchase the program you begin booking your first DXA scan, RMR test.

Macros & Guidelines: Once we have all the information needed
(questionnaire, assessment, data from tests) within 72 hours you will receive your tailored macros and two
guidelines via email.

Coaching Sessions: Once you have your macros and guidelines you can go ahead and book your first coaching session. We will send you a link to our coaching calendar.


Your macros will be tailored using the answers we gather from the questionnaire and assessment as well as the data from the DXA scan and RMR test.

As we continue on with our coaching sessions we can adjust macros as needed. Macros will be based on your goals and data.


You will receive two nutrition guidelines every 4-weeks. These guidelines are designed to do just that, guide you on your nutritional journey.
The guidelines will give you an idea of meals you can eat throughout the day to hit your macros and your goals.


During the program, you will have access to top-line health diagnostics including DXA scans, RMR, and VO2 tests. Here is an overview of what each test entails.


Toss aside the calipers, skip the estimates, and forget the tape measure.

  • Dual-energy absorptiometry (DEXA) is the most accurate method for body composition analysis trusted by research and elite sports labs across the world.
  • It’s simple to do and significantly more precise than other methods (including BMI, InBody, BodPod, and hydrostatic weighing)
  • DEXA is FDA-approved and quantifies your lean, fat, bone mass, and visceral fat (correlated to chronic disease and mortality risks)


Knowing your metabolic health and RMR is crucial to your success on any nutrition or training plan.

  • See how efficient your body is at converting food to energy and using fat or sugar as fuel.
  • Feed your body in a way that achieves your goals and conquers plateaus.
  • Learn if you have a slowed metabolism to understand frustrated attempts to lose weight and plateaus.
  • Track how your body composition changes with a DEXA scan to understand how the food you eat affects your body fat, lean mass, and bone


DexaFit’s VO2 Max test pinpoints your precise fitness level, pure endurance potential, and cardiovascular degeneration. Learn yours if you want to exercise smarter, avoid overtraining, and detect any early signs of disease.

1. Increase your energy levels and endurance.
Proper training at your VO2 Max improves your body’s power grid. It strengthens your heart, improves blood flow and metabolism, and makes your muscles more efficient. Your VO2max itself also increases.

2. Prevent overexertion.
Overexertion is counterproductive to good health and fitness. It can also cause injury. prolong recovery, and stress your immune system.

3. Diminish your risk of disease.
VO2 Max is a more reliable health and longevity indicator than factors like tobacco use, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Lower VO2 Max scores can mean lower energy levels and a higher risk of certain diseases. Our system is the same one utilized by the NFL Combine and by top research hospitals like the Mayo Clinic.




During coaching sessions, we will discuss your goals as well as touch on fundamental aspects of nutrition and behavior change.

Session 1
• Macros and guidelines
• Body composition/metabolism • SMART goals
• Macro vs micronutrients
• Anabolic vs Catabolic • Q&A

Session 2
• Progress
• Supplementation • Gut health
• Habits & automaticity
• Failure cycle
• Q&A

Session 3
• Progress
• Hydration
• Diets & fasting
• Cognitive distortions
• Q&A





    Coach Lore is a certified Health Coach, Sports Performance Specialist, and Behavior Change Specialist with a BS in Human Nutrition.

    She specializes in adapting a healthy lifestyle using habit formation for sustainability. Lore is also a CPT as well as a RYT and a Radiology Technologist.




    Coach Sayuri Amaya is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and RYT with a B.A. in Kinesiology and a M.S. in Exercise Science. Her focus is on using real data to help you achieve real results.

    Sayuri is also an RMR and VO2 tech and a Radiology Technologist.




    Coach Jon Hallockis a Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist. Jon specializes in strength training and increasing agility and cardio.

    Jon’s leadership and constant love for his community make him a caring coach who will push you into realms you did not know you could get to.

    SAY, “I’M IN!”


    You’ll be sent an in-depth nutrition & lifestyle questionnaire


    You will be sent a link to book your first DXA scan and RMR test


    You will be asked to send any added data we may need: calorie intake, expenditure, etc

    LET'S GO!

    After 48hrs you will receive your macros, guidelines and be asked to book your first coaching session.

    Have any questions?


    What results should I expect in 3-months?

    What results should I expect in 3-months?

    Do I have to book my own tests?

    Yes, you will need to book your tests online or over the phone. If you have any issues you can contact us and we can help you get booked.

    How often can I communicate with coaches?

    You will have coaching sessions once per month but you can communicate via email at anytime. You will also have text message access with your coaches.

    What is the price for the alpha program?

    The alpha program is priced at $1,500

    How much is the training add-on?

    The training add on is +$300. Total price being $1,800.

    Where will the diagnostics tests be done?

    All testing will be done at DexaFit OC: 18001 Sky Park Circle, Irvine CA



    You Lore!! And the rest of The Warrior Room you all are the absolute best!


    Ditto Laina! The warrior room is amazing. During this strange time, I’m not sure where my mind would be without the warrior room. Thank you coaches who have kept me motivated and strong enough to keep going with work and family, to keep up with this new normal. I’m so grateful for the warrior room and the warrior family! What 30 minutes with you guys can do for the mind and body is just what everyone needs, I’m here to stay and so thankful.


    This is not easy for me to post but I am truly proud of myself I don’t regret getting a gastric sleeve surgery.


    You can contact US here!