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Zaid is a men’s health coach who has 8+ years of experience studying the fundamentals of holistic health and working in the realm.

He’s helped over 75 men 1-on-1 since his father died of heart disease at the age of 51.

He’s worked with fathers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and athletes to gain more energy, lose weight, and simplify their health in a sea of confusion and misinformation.

This coaching program he uses is based on timeless principles that you’ll use for the rest of your life, rather than gimmicks and “quick-fix solutions.”


When working with Zaid, you’ll learn the foundational principles of health including:

  1. Light Environment
  2. Sleep
  3. Hydration
  4. Supplementation
  5. Detoxification

Through this comprehensive approach,
you’ll notice immediate benefits within
days and weeks.


Light is fundamentally the most important aspect of health. It’s the keystone pillar that holds your health together.

We’ll cover:

  • Natural vs artificial light
  • How to use light to your advantage
  • Morning & evening routines
  • Protecting yourself from toxic “alien” light

Along with a lot more.


Sleep is the most important lifestyle factor to repair your mind, body, and spirit.

Did you know that your body drains toxic metabolites from your brain during phases of deep sleep?

We’ll cover:

  • How to routinely sleep like a baby
  • How to maximize REM & deep sleep
  • Sleep hygiene
  • How to destroy insomnia & feel more rested

Along with a lot more.


The quality of your water is a grossly underappreciated aspect of well-being.

We’ll cover:

  • Alive vs dead water
  • How to approach hydration correctly
  • Storage & structure
  • Filtration & mineralization methods

Along with more.


Did you know that not all supplements are created equal depending on the individual’s health profile, the form of the vitamin, and more?

The fewer supplements you have, the better. If you’re going to be taking one, it should be personalized to your individual context.

We’ll cover:

  • Targeted supplementation based on need
  • What forms of specific vitamins to look for
  • How to avoid potentially toxic options
  • Where to find the best ones on the market



We live in a toxic world. Detoxification is necessary to keep your body at peak function.

We’ll cover:

  • Cleaning the home environment
  • Sources of different toxins
  • Lifestyle factors that detoxify the body
  • Best supplements to facilitate the process

Along with more included.



Zaid, Within 2 weeks of working with you I dropped down 1 size on my pants and I was sleeping much better. It’s so nice to have the energy in the daytime to accomplish all my goals. A big thank you for the strategies you taught me, and for this life changing path you put me onto.


Zaid single-handedly doubled my testosterone.
(Waiting on second test to confirm exact % change but I feel a million times better) Hit him up to get dialed in, get your energy back, and feel like the stallion you were born to be.

After unsuccessfully dealing with energy issues caused by my Thyroid cancer, I reached out to Zaid. He helped me with things I knew but couldn’t incorporate into my daily routine. As well with new ways to help boost my overall health. In a short few weeks my mornings were changed dramatically. My sleep, and my food/vitamins were dialed in and I have a strong foundation to build off of moving forward.

Zaid is a wealth of holistic health knowledge. He’s been extremely helpful to me with several health goals, including improving blood chemistry, sleep quality, overall energy and supplement managment. I highly recommend signing on a for a consultation.

Zaid helped with a number of things, but the main thing was my sleep.
I used to struggle with it and I am now regularly getting 7-10 hours a night. I kicked a habit with sleeping pills and have noticed a massive increase in energy.


You can contact Zaid here!



(714) 234-0212