• Tailored Macros
  • Meal Guidelines
  • Diagnostics
  • Nutrition & Behavior Coaching
  • Training Add-On: ($300)
  • Tailored Training Guidelines
  • 1-on-1 Training Sessions

The 12-week alpha program includes:

Tailored Macros:

Your macros will be calculated for you based on your goals and data we intake from DXA scan & RMR test.
Nutrition & Behavior Coaching: you will have a 60-min coaching session once a month that will dive into nutrition and behavior education.

Meal Guidelines:

you will receive two meal guidelines per month to help you learn how to count and eat within your macros to reach your goals.


In order to create SMART goals we must base it on real data. You will receive 3 DXA scans, 1 resting metabolic rate test and 1 VO2 test during the program.

Need help with making movement automatic as well?

Add-on our training education given by exercise master Sayuri Amaya & strength and conditioning coach Jon Hallock.
Tailored Training Guideline: your movement guideline will be tailored to your goals using data from your Vo2 test.

1-on-1 session:

You will receive three one-on-one online training sessions to assess form and work on movements.

Training Coaching:

You will have a 45-min coaching session each month to answer any questions and discuss progress.


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