The Gold Standard of Body Composition Analysis

At The Meta Warrior, we offer DXA scanning, the most accurate method for body composition analysis available. Trusted by research and elite sports labs worldwide, DXA is FDA-approved and provides a comprehensive assessment of your body composition.

The DXA Scan Process:

During a DXA scan, you will lie comfortably on a table while a low-dose X-ray is passed over your body. The scan takes just a few minutes to complete and is completely painless.

DXA is significantly more precise than other body composition analysis methods, including BMI, InBody, BodPod, and hydrostatic weighing. It quantifies your lean, fat, and bone mass, as well as visceral fat, which is correlated with chronic disease and mortality risks.

Benefits of a DXA Scan

The benefits of DXA scanning are numerous. It provides accurate and reliable information about your body composition, allowing you to make informed decisions about your diet and exercise regimen. It can also help identify imbalances in your body, which can lead to injury or decreased performance.

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Whether you’re a professional athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, a DXA scan can be an invaluable tool for achieving your goals. Contact us today to schedule your DXA scan and take the first step toward optimal health and performance.